Cheeses of Nazareth

An email conversation between a friend and I:

SAM: Jill’s mom wants to open a cheese shop and call it “Cheeses of Nazareth.” Isn’t that wonderful?

ME: That rocks…think of the products: Monterey Joseph, Calvary Camembert, Golgotha Gouda, Garden of Edam…

SAM: I know! Bethlehem Brie, Praise the Parmesan, Hymns ‘n Havarti,
Manger’s Mozzarella…

ME: And think of the employees

And I created and sent her the following photo (the intensively-Christian and humourless may be offended, but I don’t think Jesus would have been):


  1. this is my first time @ your site and i felt like commenting. I think the cheeses of Nazareth is a good idea! the picture is kinda offensive, but im not christian ~ jesus right? i guess he looks kinda happy to be working behind the counter @ a deli.

  2. Could a lovable, anthopomorphic bearded and robed swiss-cheese mascot named Cheesus be in the works? I hope so 🙂

  3. Cheeses of Nazareth was a Five Iron Frenzy (Christian band) album title. Maybe that’s what everyone is searching for.

  4. Damn! And I thought this pun was original with me! Anyway I got a lot of (s)mileage out of it in my own hometown’s food shops.

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