I’m holding out for a tailor ’til the morning light

I have a Harris Tweed coat (‘completely produced in the Outer Hebrides from pure Scottish wool’) that I’m very fond of. My brother, if I recall correctly, bought it off the street in New York. As with many things in our youth, when he tired of it, he passed it on to me. I’ve often wondered how old this coat is, and who owned it before it reached me.

Regardless, the lining is torn to shreds and needs to be replaced. So, I need a tailor. Vancouver readers, search your cerebral databases and find me a skilled tailor who can sort me out. As a bonus, send along any advice you might have for choosing a tailor. Being a post-modern geek myself, I’ve rarely had need of one before.


  1. Oddly enough, your Dad used to have suits made at a Tailor, named Gordon, and he was on the bottom floor, I believe, of the building where Julie now works. Don’t know what happened to him. Will keep our ears open for you.

  2. Let us know how your tailoring experience goes – I’ve got an old hand-me-down black velvet trenchcoat that I love to bits, but its lining is also shredded. I also do not know a tailor. If you get a good one, pas his/her name along!

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