Way to Go, Ms. Mclachlan

Vegetarian, Nova Scotian audiophile Herb links to a very elegant fan site (Flashy, Flashy goodness ahead) who links to an extensive USA Today article about music piracy:

Canadian singer Sarah McLachlan has her own opinions on the high costs of CDs, piracy and greed: “The industry needs to listen to what the kids are saying. If they can’t afford a CD, I don’t blame them (for file-sharing). Lower the damn price!” McLachlan and her record label, Nettwerk, are pricing her new album,Afterglow, 20% below the usual suggested retail in Canada (U.S. prices not set).

Nice one, Sarah. Mind you, I’m sure the new album will sound a lot like the last album, which sounded a lot like Fumbling Towards Ecstacy, and so on. Sarah doesn’t really need the money, because in addition to having produced just five original studio albums in her career, she’s released two live albums (five if you count Lilith Fair) and three rarities, remixes and B-side albums. So, I’d say she’s got the mercantilism down to a science.


  1. Okay, but certain of her songs such as Mary and Building A Mystery are worth $15 US each which is the cost of a CD in NYC.

    So I was happy and surprised to pick up her latest CD at Future Shop for $CAD 9.99.

    Awesome. Also, she and Nettwork seem to have done pretty well off album sales over the last decade.

    What’s your beef? She is in my opinion a great singer, that rare one who writes their own songs and lyrics, performs them, and is capable of doing the business part and the politics of recording such that their own songs come out sounding half decent. Actually, excellent taste in production and backing vocals and band, this stuff is excellent!

    Let’s celebrate this woman, she is a talent worth praising.

    Thanks for the new album, Sarah. It seems like a sleeper … best to you and yours.

    While posting I’d like to give a shoutout to 54-40, they were just coming up in BC music last time I was here, about 1981-1984, and now it turns out one of my favorite AM *cough* FM *cough* singles is them too! Keep on, 54-40!

    – WNJ

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