Technical Writing Survey

I can’t remember where I found this, but here are some results from a technical writer survey. I’m not crazy about how they’re presented. In fact, the questions are kind of naff. Still, I was a little surprised to see 13% of people who took the survey out of work.

Written by dbarefoot

Darren Barefoot is an author, speaker and digital strategist. He’s the co-founder of Capulet Communications, and co-author of “Friends With Benefits: A Social Media Marketing Handbook”.


  1. Yeah, the presentation is abysmal! A number of the graphs didn’t load for me, and several lost their legends (or are they keys?).

    Naff: good word. Had to look it up.

  2. Perhaps their sample is flawed – maybe the employed technical writers don’t have time to fill out surveys like this?

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