Jobs I Have Had

About a month ago, sn0wangel posted a list of all the jobs she’s ever had. I’ve been meaning to make my own list, which isn’t particularly impressive or lengthy, but fun nonetheless. In more-or-less chronological order:

  • Paper boy
  • Office cleaner
  • Dishwasher (twice, actually)
  • Tube honing technician watcher (see the end of this entry for more details)
  • Graduating class videographer (lame, but profitable)
  • Tutor
  • Busboy
  • Sporting goods warehouse worker
  • Recycling program implementer
  • Theatrical properties shop manager
  • Admin assistant at a rec centre
  • Editor of arts and culture magazine
  • Technical writer
  • Marketing writer
  • Theatre reviewer
  • Columnist (a few times)
  • Manager of technical documentation department
  • Comment writer for video games
  • General manager of a theatre company
  • Technology evangelist (I kid you not)
  • Entrepeneur

I guess it was kind of lengthy. And I may have missed a few.

I’ve got a Welsh friend who I used to work with. One day we listed all of her jobs on the white board. It was an incredible list, and (if I recall correctly) included both ‘marijuana farmer’ and ‘oyster picker’.

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