What Do You Call These Things?

Earlier today, we were talking about these badboys. We always wore them in school, to divide our gym classes into teams. In my school, we called them (and this sounds a bit gay) ‘pinnies.’ Julie’s school (and this sounds way gayer) called them ‘dickies’. What do you call them?


  1. In Ireland they’re ‘bibs’ or ‘skins’. Skins came from when we didn’t have bibs and one team would play without tops on.

  2. We also called them bibs … forgot until David & John mentioned it. Bad gym class memories … must’ve blocked ’em out …

  3. They’re called bibs, here in New Zealand. Must be our British heritage 🙂

    Is it Barefoot as Surname or because this generation got no sole?

  4. Yeah, we called them pinnies. Julie is confused, though. Dickies are kind of like fake turtleneck sweaters that you wear under a jacket. It just makes you look like you have on a real turtleneck, only there is just a little square of fabric front and back underneath your jacket.

  5. when i went to school; we called them target vests. they were used instead of skins and shirts.

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