Private Location Sharing With Moby

My old friend Rob is behind the launch of Moby, a private location sharing app focused on personal safety and families. It’s a handy alternative to services like FourSquare if you want to share your location with a small group, or for a short time. Here’s the spiel:

Moby is a private location sharing service for you, and the people that matter to you. Unlike other location sharing services, Moby only shares your location with the people you choose and for the length of time you want. With Moby, you are in complete control of your privacy. With Moby you can also request help at the touch of a button, instantly notifying your chosen contacts where you are.

There is, it must be said, no relation to a certain tiny, vegan pop star.

One avid market for Moby is real estate agents. These are people (mostly women?) who spend a lot of time with strangers in private locations, so Moby is a natural fit.

Moby is available for free (as in beer) on iPhone, Blackberry and Android. Check it out.

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