Whitecaps tickets for sale

UPDATE: These tickets are now spoken for.

I’ve got seasons tickets to the Whitecaps. As fate would have it, for various reasons, I’m going to miss the first five games of the season. As such, I’m interested in parting with some tickets.

I’m selling the games on April 6 and April 16. There are two tickets, in section 224, row Z, seats 1 and 2. Games this summer are played at Empire Field, while Mordor BC Place gets refurbished.

I haven’t sat in them yet, but judging by the Whitecaps seating map (that animated favicon is not helping anybody) they’re between the 18-yard-box and the midfield line (closer to the former, I’d guess), about 25 rows off the pitch.

I’m selling them for slightly under face value, at $100 a pair. If you’re interested, email me.

If those dates don’t interest, I may have other games to sell for later in the year.

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