Video and a Bootleg Recording from The Neil Young Project

During the Olympics, I went to “The Neil Young Project”, a star-studded concert at the Queen Elizabeth featuring people covering Neil Young songs. As I mentioned in a previous post, Elvis Costello was the standout among a bunch of musicians half his age. From the Georgia Straight review:

Barely in control of a big, blond Gibson guitar that squealed and snarled like it was possessed by old Shakey himself, Costello stalked the stage with a flamenco dancer’s élan. Even a ridiculous leopard-skin trilby didn’t undercut his sinister—and, yes, weirdly sexy—intensity; he’d probably skinned that cat himself.

I was telling my Dad about the show tonight, and happened to do some googling for audio-visual illustration. I found this surprisingly good audience-shot footage of Costello ripping it up on “Cowgirl in the Sand”:

I’m usually disappointed by the grainy, shaky video and tinny sound from this kind of audience recording, but this video actually looks and sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

On a related note, I was delighted to discover this bootleg recording of the entire concert. It doesn’t sound as good as the video, but it’s always nice to have an audio archive of a concert you’ve seen. And it’s certainly better than nothing.

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