Walking Around the World For a Decade

This is quite a remarkable story:

On August 18th, 2000, at 9:00 am, Jean Béliveau left Montreal, Canada. His goal is to walk around the planet to promote “Peace and non-violence for the profit of the children of the world”. He is travelling alone with a three wheeled stroller to carry a bit of food, his clothing, a First Aid kit, a small tent and a sleeping bag. Jean plans to walk across all the continents, from North America to South America, then across to South Africa, up to Europe, then the Middle East, South and Eastern Asia, Australia, New Zealand and finally back to Canada.

This journey will take 11 years to complete…

Wow. Seriously. Eleven years of walking around the planet. I don’t know how much impact he’ll have had on peace on Earth, but it’s a remarkable achievement. Here’s a map of his route and periodic updates from the last ten years.

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