Another Stage For the Arts Club

Last night I was invited to the opening of “My Granny the Goldfish”, and got the chance to check the renovated Revue Stage at the Arts Club Theatre. Local, nerdy readers may recall the Revue Stage as one of the venues for BarCamp 2008

The theatre has been the long term home of Vancouver Theatre Sports, who have moved to another venue on Granville Island. The Arts Club now has a third venue, accommodating 198 people. Here’s a photo of the renovation by Caitlin Soroke, showing “My Granny the Goldfish” set designer Amir Ofek and playwright Anosh Irani:

There’s a photo of the completed theatre on the Arts Club blog. Here’s what long time artistic director Bill Millerd has to say about the new venue:

“I’ve wanted, for some time now, to find a space that returns us to our roots at the beloved and intimate Seymour Street theatre where we began in 1964. Now that we have that space – not exactly a ‘new’ theatre but rather a re-design of the original Revue Cabaret – we are excited to produce work that thrives in a more intimate setting.”

It’s exciting, I think, to have another venue available for intimate shows in the centre of the city. The Arts Club isn’t renowned for edgy theatre (for example, next year’s Granville Island stage features “It’s a Wonderful Life”, “A Closer Walk With Patsy Cline” and “Who’s Afraid of Virigina Woolf”), but hopefully this renovated space will afford them the chance to take some more risks.

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