Waking Up the World

As I’ve mentioned in passing a couple of times, I’m excited to be working with the TckTckTck campaign. It’s an unprecedented coalition of global NGOs (Greenpeace, Oxfam, WWF, Amnesty International among others–here’s a complete list on the website or Twitter) dedicated to urging world leaders to agree to a binding, fair and ambitious deal in Copenhagen this December, where they’ll negotiate the sequel to the Kyoto Protocol.

Capulet is just one of seven Vancouver companies working on the project, under the guidance of Communicopia.

There’s a series of global events happening over the next three months. The first of these is the Global Wake Up Call, more than 2000 flash mobs and other events that occur all over the world next Monday, September 21. There are 188 events happening in Canada, and at least a dozen–like this one–are happening around Vancouver. If you’re looking to do something over lunchtime next Monday, maybe you’d like to join one?

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