What’s Left Inside of Books

I forget how I found this charming blog, but it’s written by somebody who works at a used and rare bookstore. They post the forgotten bookmarks and other sundries that they discover inside purchased books. The discoveries are pretty diverse, from the mundane to the intimate, such as this Dear John postcard:

We are both at such profound transition points in our lives, and our situations are too unstable to offer the foundation necessary upon which to build the tremendous life changes that we idealistically believed possible. I want to know and believe, as I think you do, that I will always be a loving and caring friend & confidante to you – I know you would reciprocate that.

Ouch. Anyway, a terrific addition to the Found Stuff Pantheon, which also includes Found magazine and Passive-Aggressive Notes.

On a related topic, I found this overly-punctuated note on the street beside a smashed desk lamp (click for larger version):

Note About Desk Lamp

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