Stock Up On a Little Lesbian Chic

Today Victoria writes about an enormous auction of set pieces and clothing from The L Word, which recently finished shooting its final season in Vancouver:

The auction location is 8275 Manitoba St. in Vancouver, BC. The auction starts at 10AM on Friday, March 7th, 2009. Merchandise previewing is this Friday March 6th, 2009 from noon – 6PM.

Able Auctions has posted a series of YouTube videos featuring all the stuff that’s on sale.

This is a happy coincidence, because earlier today I was chatting with somebody who’d invited me to speak at their event. I’d written up the usual session description, and she’d asked me to swap out the phrase “real-world case studies” for “local examples”. I asked why, and she said:

Some of the feedback that we’ve received from other social media sessions say, “That’s great for those in New York, Toronto, etc., but what are people here doing?”

And here, lo and behold, is a local auction house making effective use of YouTube:

That clothing video has already had 3500 views (it would have had more if they’d used a description title and written up a description of the video, including a link back to their auction site). A nice result for the tiny effort it took to create.

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