Northern Voice Needs One More Sponsor

First, a heartfelt thank-you to all of the Northern Voice sponsors, from this year and the past four. Without you, the average conference ticket would be at least twice what it is today.

The conference needs just one more sponsor. From our esteemed sponsor wrangler:

We’re looking for our last NV headline sponsor to sponsor the NV party at the $3000 level. We are planning an upscale dinner party on the Thursday night (more details to be announced soon) and are looking for a sponsor to be the headline sponsor for this event. Your sponsorship would go towards subsidizing the cost of dinner tickets, so that it’s affordable for attendees. This party is always well attended and we’re sure it will sell out, just as the conference has.

Times are tough, but here’s a way for an organization to be a shining star in the country’s biggest second-biggest third-biggest (I just checked, and Mathew told me that Mesh had 450 people last year) social media conference.

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