We’re Teaching a Couple of Courses at UBC Robson Square

Ad From the Georgia StraightI’ve been meaning to mention that Julie and I are teaching a couple of social media courses for UBC Continuing Ed. They’re each three-hour sessions over three Mondays, for a total of nine class hours. Here are the course descriptions:

Introduction to Social Media
This introductory course provides an overview of social media: its history, theories and the principles behind online communication. Through hands-on demonstration of a variety of social media tools including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, RSS, wikis and social bookmarking, you discover how these tools are shaping modern communication and how to incorporate them into everyday business and personal communications. Topics also include upcoming trends as well as predictions for what’s next in social media.

Social Media for Marketing
Adding social media into the marketing mix is increasingly important for marketers who want to establish an online presence for their businesses. In this course, you learn how to incorporate social media tools like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, social bookmarking and web monitoring tools into your overall marketing strategies and tactics. We discuss the dos and don’ts of social media marketing; look at successful marketing campaigns; introduce the social media tools every marketer should know about; and cover online communications etiquette. Students are asked to develop ideas for a social media marketing campaign of their own.

Friends Susie and Rochelle are also teaching courses in the program.

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