I Successfully Ran My Keyboard Through the Dishwasher

Just a quick note to say, well, what the title says: you can successfully put your keyboard through the dishwasher.

My keyboard is, maybe, three years old. I’ve cleaned it before, but not recently. Plus, it had sat in a box for a year while we lived abroad, so the thing was seriously gungy (wow, ‘gunge’ is a legitimate word–who knew?).

I’d read opinions elsewhere both for and against this cleaning strategy. It seemed viable, and the keyboard doesn’t owe me anything, so I figured I’d give it a try.

I stuck it in the upper tray, along with a bunch of dishes. I turned down the heat as far as it would go, and removed the keyboard before the drying cycle.

I scheduled the cleaning just before we went to Palm Springs for five days, so that it had plenty of time to dry completely. Other articles I read recommended removing the keys to help with the drying, or sticking it in the fridge to assist the dehydration. I didn’t do either, but five days later my keyboard was, as you might expect, bone dry.

It didn’t get 100% clean, but it was much cleaner than it had been. And it works just fine. The action of the keys feels a little softer than before. Plus, to Julie’s delight, it’s a bit quieter (I’m a loud typist).

As an addendum, I wrote about my gungy keyboard three years ago.

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