The eBook Has Landed

Cover of Our Social Media Marketing eBookAs I’ve mentioned on more than one occasion, Julie and I have been working on an eBook. Version 1.0 is finally done, and today we’re launching it. It’s called Getting to First Base: A Social Media Marketing Playbook (quite a mouthful, I know), and we’ve created a dedicated website for it at

Here’s our short video pimping the book. Kind of a low-tech ‘book trailer’:

I assembled (“composed” sounds way too sophisticated) the background music in GarageBand. Watching the video again, it feels kind of like a government public service announcement. “Hey kids, don’t do drugs! Do social media marketing instead!”

If you prefer text, the blurb goes something like:

If you’re a marketer in a company, agency or small business, Getting to First Base, A Social Media Marketing Playbook will show you how to market products and services through social media channels like blogs, media-sharing sites and social networks. The book provides tips, tricks and lots of real world case studies, both from our own work and our colleagues.

Social Media Creators, Review the Book

If you’re a blogger, podcaster, YouTube star or whatever, we’re more than happy to send you a free copy to review. Just email us at and we’ll hook you up.

One of the things I struggled with in writing the book was what to call (to borrow Jay Rosen’s phrase) “the people formerly known as the audience”. We sometimes use ‘bloggers’ to stand in for everybody, sometimes use “social media creators”, which is a bit dry, and sometimes used “new influencers”, which is a bit too slick.

In any case, drop us a line and we’ll mainline you a virtual copy.

I owe a ton of friends, colleagues, clients and contributors copies of the book–they’ll be forthcoming in the near future.

Nothing Says Christmas Like Social Media Marketing

If you’re super keen to buy, great! Just visit our buy page and click the pretty red and orange button. Make the marketer or small business owner in your life extra-happy this holiday season. It’s US $29, which works out to a mere CAN $29.23. Plus, we’re donating a dollar from every book to The David Suzuki Foundation.

Other next steps for those who might be interested:

That’s about all for now. This week will probably be a bit ebook-heavy, so apologies to you dear readers who aren’t interested.

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