Troy’s Telephony Triumph

Before we left for Malta, I wrote about my difficulties getting our international telephony strategy sorted out. We never really did get it 100% right. We’re using SkypeOut for outgoing calls and that works great. On the incoming side, we just have brief, expensive calls on our cell phones.

Troy, however, has got it figured out. He just spent a week in Paris, and wrote about his telephony successes. If you’re interested, read the whole post. Here’s how he finishes:

But that very small issue aside, it means that with a laptop, skype, Gatherplace (for screen sharing), Simulscribe, a good DSL connection, and a Vonage adapter – have equipment, will travel.

I hear that Puerto Vallarta has good DSL… Or maybe Costa Rica….

Simulscribe looks like a good option, and provides what I was going to use Vonage for: forwarding voicemail messages to email. The voice-to-text conversion is an added bonus. I’ve signed up for the service to see how it works. I’ll report back.

UPDATE: Dave from Simulscribe is one smart social media monitoring cookie. He contacted me and hooked me up with a Vancouver number so that my calls don’t have to be forwarded to a US one. Plus, he gave me a 30-day free trial, and offered the same to you, my dear readers. Here’s the sign-up if you want to try it out. That looks kind of like an affiliate link, but I don’t get anything but good karma.

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