A Huge Pent Up Demand?

Speaking of the Canadian Football League…I was looking for some Vancouver Canucks news today, and accidentally learned that Joost users will be able to watch CFL content on the Internet TV startup’s network this winter.

I tried out Joost a couple of months back, and literally found nothing in their video network to interest me. Hopefully that’ll change, or I’ll develop an interest in Peruvian rugby.

In any case, I wanted to point out a hilarious quote from Stephen McCormack, CEO of Wildwave in the associated press release:

“There is a huge pent up demand for Canadian Sports and the CFL in particular, across the World and with the launch of Wildcard Sports Network on Joost, with the CFL as our featured launch partner, we can now provide this compelling League’s most hard-hitting content to a worldwide audience on today’ss most advanced Internet TV platform.

Really? A “huge pent up demand” for the CFL “across the World”? That just struck me as downright amusing. I see that Wildwave is based in Dublin (ah, Dame Street), where I never heard anyone mention Canadian football for the two years I lived there. And I’m Canadian. Maybe they’ve tapped into some hidden enclave of Roughriders fans in Kilkenny?

We’re not big fans of the press release, and we learned a long time ago not to write absurdly effusive quotes for CEOs. It’s unlikely that Mr. McCormack actually wrote that himself.

Also, I know I’m writing from a grammatical glass house here, but that release shows symptoms of that common marketer’s disease, Over Capitalization Syndrome. It’s a scourge across our industry.

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