Tip to Bosses: Keep Your Clothes On

The Times of Malta is a cornucopia of amusing stories, both domestic and international. It’s by no means a tabloid, but instead willfully mixes legitimate news with, uh, bizarre News of the World.

My favourite recent local story discusses a decision in a sexual harassment case:

A woman was awarded Lm2,000 in compensation after a tribunal found she was forced to leave her job due to sexual harassment…

The tribunal heard that, after getting soaked in the rain, the company owner once spent the day at the office in his underwear even though there were employees present.

To be clear, there were additional reasons why the complainant sued. This one, however, was the only entertaining one. There’s no indication of the company involved, but I can’t think of an industry where this might be defensible (besides, maybe, monastery electrician?) What was the guy thinking? That’s a plot line straight out of The Office, isn’t it?

I guess Malta treats sexual harassment like sexual assault, protecting the complainant’s identity. That makes a lot of sense for both parties, I think, though it may not further the cause of equality in the workplace the full disclosure might.

The headline for this story is hilariously illustrative of the rampant sexism in Malta. It reads “Firm owner spends day at the office in underwear after getting wet”. That clause “after getting wet” is so tacked on to try to mitigate the idiotic boss.

An alternative title for this piece: “Boss’s Birthday Suit Begets Lawsuit”.

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