In Praise of the JBL Onstage Micro iPod Speaker System

A Parable About How Technology Fails UsA while back, I mentioned that we’d bought this tiny speaker system for our time in Malta. It’s basically one doughnut-shaped speaker that you plug your iPod into. I’m really happy with it, and here’s why:

  • The sound, obviously, isn’t great, but it’s a considerable improvement on our only other audio source–our laptops.
  • It’s incredibly small and light.
  • You can plug it in, but it also can run off four AAA batteries. This is very handy if we want to take it out by the pool, or in a rental car that only has a CD player (we now own exactly one CD).
  • It’s got an audio-in jack, and came with a compatible cord. It acts as a handy external speaker for our laptops when we’re watching TV or movies on them.
  • It recharges the iPod.
  • It’s got a tiny little remote control.

It’s got a USB port, and looks like it should function as a docking station for the iPod, but I haven’t been able to make that work. That’s my only complaint thus far. It’s a really handy solution for cheap and cheerful holiday audio.

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