Evolving into a Social Network

James sent along this we’re-becoming-a-social-network essay by the owners of a car website. I know little of and care nothing for cars, but I was interested to read the thinking on why and how to evolve into a social network:

My light bulb moment arrived via an email from an editor/writer with an enormous and well-deserved reputation in the automotive press. After praising the site, he drilled down to what made it unique: you. TTAC’s commentators’ literacy, insight and expertise blew him away.

The comments are as informative as the post itself. I’m not necessarily an advocate for sprinkling the Social Network Faerie Dust on any old site, but this sounds like a very good fit.

I was skimming the site, and noticed this colourful phrase from a review of the Subaru Tribeca: “The new Tribeca’s front end looks nothing like airborne pudenda, and everything like a Chrysler Pacifica.” High praise, indeed.

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