Does Truemors Track Votes by IP Address?

Truemors is a new, uh, ‘Twitter for rumours of all shapes and sizes’ site launched by Guy Kawasaki. Here’s a bit of analysis from TechCrunch.

I’m not sure about this service, so I’m going to withhold judgement for the moment. I’m not a big Twitter user, nor am I a huge gossip, so I’m sure how I’d use Truemors.

Maybe they should have launched a whole network of very vertical rumour sites, like or http://hilaryclinton.truemors? Then you could get the otaku for a particular topic to coalesce around it in a very targeted way. Mind you, otaku already have their own communties where they talk about rumors along with everything else. So, I’m not quite sure where Truemors fits in.

Truemors has Digg-like voting where you push rumours up and down the page. To try it out, I posted a rumour linking to a DeSmogBlog story. It’s not really a rumour, but I couldn’t think of any at the moment and didn’t want to make one up (Beatles reunion tour? Germany bisecting again?). I ‘dugg’ the rumour up, and asked Julie to do the same on her computer.

As it turns out, Julie couldn’t vote the rumour up. She got a message saying that she’d already voted on that story. I can only assume (and somebody can correct my ignorant assumption here) that Truemors is using IP addresses to track votes. They’re also using cookies (I just checked in Firefox), but apparently IP addresses trump cookies, or something.

That doesn’t happen with Digg, or other voting sites, and it shouldn’t. Otherwise roommates or families or (in some cases) coworkers couldn’t ever vote up the same stuff. I assume it’s just a bug they need to work out.

UPDATE: I posted a rumour about Truemors’ voting system.

UPDATE #2: Huh, Truemors already killed the aforementioned post. It pretty much said “Truemors counts votes based on IP addresses, so we can’t vote from two different computers on the same IP address. Bummer.”

That kind of blows. If they’re going to heavily moderate content (particularly content which points out bugs in their system), then where are their community guidelines articulating their moderation policy? Did I violate their terms of use?

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