The Groover from Vancouver Comes to Malta

It Cuts Like a KnifeBryan Adams is everywhere in Malta. He’s playing a concert at Luxol Parade Grounds on June 28, and it’s being heavily promoted around the country. As I walk around Rabat, his grizzled, acne-scarred visage watches me from every telephone pole and shop window. As a Canadian, it’s a bit surreal.

Mind you, I feel like Bryan kind of stopped being Canadian about 15 years ago. Like so many megastars of the eighties (I’m thinking here of the likes of Madonna, Michael Jackson and Celine Dion), he belongs to the world. It’s like, if people in Cameroon wanted to listen to some ‘world music’ from Canada, they’d listen to Bryan.

Though I’ve never seem him in concert, I really haven’t been much of a fan since Reckless, which I believe I still have somewhere on audio tape.

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