For the Locals: Rent Our Former Studio Space

Studio Space 1Capulet’s pulling out stakes and moving to Malta, so our studio space is available for rent as of April 1(though we’re not leaving town until April 18). We’ve been very happy in the space, which is a roughly 250 square foot space in a large open studio shared by several businesses.

Echo Memoirs is the main tenant, with other tenants being Work Industries, Sherri Koop photography and Hummingbird Translations. It’s a fun, open space with a vibe kind of similar to Workspace. It’s not the quietest work environment, but that may or may not be important to you. Here’s what Samantha, the main tenant, has to say:

The space has three desks in a heritage studio that is over 2200
square feet with high ceilings. Two of the desks face two huge,
7-foot-high windows. The studio has a “Yaletown vibe” with exposed brick and beam structure, a funky refurbished 1950s kitchen, tons of natural light, and a spectacular view of the North Shore mountains. The rent includes shared use of a 100-square-foot, private, closed-door meeting room, a 200-square-foot kitchen/meeting space, and a 100-square-foot storage space.

The studio is located at 70 East 2nd Avenue (corner of Quebec and 2nd). The monthly rent is $850+GST and includes utilities, weekly water delivery, weekly studio cleaning and weekly recycling pick-up. I am looking for a minimum one-year lease. 

Frankly, you have to strain a little to see the North Shore mountains, but the rest of it is accurate. Here are a few photos that Sam took of the space, as well as photos from the sundry parties we’ve had there.

If you’re interested, call Sam at Echo Memoirs at (604) 261-1858 or email her at sam [at] echomemoirs [fullstop] com.

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