A Search Engine for Old Folks

Via Blueline Media’s newsletter, I learned about cRANKy, ‘the first age-relevant search engine’:

Are you overwhelmed by too many results when you try to search the Web to find what you’re really looking for? Eons has developed cRANKy, a specialized, age-relevant Web search engine for 50+, which starts you off with the four best Web results we can find, rated and ranked by both the cRANKy editorial team and our members. The more our members participate in rating and reviewing, the better cRANKy gets.

I’m not sure about that branding. I think calling it ‘CRANKy’ is fun, but why the capitalization of ‘rank’. How many of 50+ crowd understand or give two hoots about (as it were) the concept of ‘search engine ranking’? I immediately thought of ‘smelly’, as in “the rank sweat of an enseamed bed” or “Grandpa’s a bit rank, he smells like rotten prunes.”

I see that the top search today on cRANKy is ‘sex‘, which is encouraging for my own elder years. In explicably, the fifth top search today is ‘runescape.com‘.

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