Clive on Collision Detection

I wouldn’t mind doing Clive Thompson’s job for a while. He writes about emerging technology for parochial publications like the New York Times and Wired. Clive also writes a great blog called Collision Detection, and recently did an interview about its origins and uses:

MH: So most of your blog entries are riffs pointing to another piece of information?

CT: Yeah. My goal is to find something thought provoking, offer people a new way to think about it, and let them check it out themselves. I sometimes just write something that I’m thinking about—there won’t be a link to anything, but that’s rare. Or if there’s something that’s really big on the blogosphere, I’ll try to find an unusual take on it.

That sounds pretty close to my modus operandi for blogging. Regardless, Clive’s a smart guy and it’s an interesting interview if that sort of bloggy thing floats your boat.

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