The Kay Meek Centre is Gorgeous

DSC_0040.JPGLast night they had the ‘tech dress’ for Bolloxed (more on that later). It was held in the studio space at the nearly-new Kay Meek Theatre. The theatre is attached to the West Vancouver high school, but is a community theatre for the entire town.

I mention this because I went to the rival West Van school, Sentinel, and still don’t like them to have the upper hand.
Because level and cue-to-cue sessions take a long time, I had a chance to wander around the theatre and take some photos. I love theatre architecture, and I was pleased to be given free reign to stick my head in all the doors that weren’t locked.
In the great-looking mainstage theatre, I met a technician and a couple of students who were conducting ‘projector tests’.

They were actually playing NHL 2006 on a 16′ by 12′ screen on the stage. I played one of the kids to a tie. Yep, my skillz are still l33t.

I wandered back stage, and took a couple photos of the fly gallery. Because West Van snobs didn’t want anything besmirching their view, the Kay Meek doesn’t have much of a fly tower. You basically can’t fly floor to ‘ceiling’ scenery all the way out.
I also spotted their deluge system, which is designed to dump 1200 gallons of water on the stage every second. As the technical director put it, “it’s really for the audience. The actors burn.”

Here’s a cool feature: the theatre was built on the foundations of the old West Van auditorium. In this photo, you can see that they’ve retained a storage room from that era, with a ton of graffiti that dates back to the seventies.

It’s rare for me to get a chance to explore a brand-new theatre, and the Kay Meek didn’t disappoint.

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