Want to Change Everything?

Alex, Rob and Aaron at Social Signal have just launched a community online project for Vancity, entitled Change Everything:

Welcome to ChangeEverything.ca, the site for people who want to change themselves, their communities or their world. We’re still putting the finishing touches on our design and making sure all the lights and buzzers work, but we’re glad you’re here — and we hope you’ll jump right in.

It’s an aspirational site akin to 43 Things (which, to their credit, they cite on their About page). The idea is that you sign up, enter a ‘Change’, and then blog about making that change. The scope of the change can be as small as Get My Bike Out of Storage (go Rob) or as large as Eliminate Daylight Savings Time.

The site looks great, and the SS crowd have done a good job of dumbing down Drupal for the masses. Also credit Vancity for a taking a big risk on this project, which really has nothing to do with them besides their brand in the banner. At the launch event, I speculated on what would happen when somebody submits the change ‘I Want to Leave Vancity for a Better Bank’. Nothing, apparently, except a lot of hand-wringing.

The other issue I foresee is that the information architecture is kind of complex. After the launch I was talking to a friend who also attended, and between us we couldn’t quite work out how the site is structured.

I don’t entirely understand the relationship between a capital-c Change and blog posts. Does one user own the Change, or is the Change communally owned? If I have four changes, do I have four blogs, or one?

Maybe I’m over thinking this, and for the average user this sort of thing won’t matter. I’m unlikely to use ChangeEverything.ca, as I’ve got my own space where I can post aspirational things (yeah, like I’d ever do that around here). Clearly 43 Things has significant appeal, so I can imagine this site gathering a similar if localized audience.

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