A Tag Cloud of Search Terms From This Site

Courtesy of Seth Godin, I checked out 103bees.com, a free web analytics tool that focuses on search terms. In truth, it’s not really delivering much new information to anybody using Google Analytics or (for blogs) Performancing.

It does have one super cool feature, though. It builds a tag cloud of the terms people use to search for your site. Note these aren’t search phrases (as in ‘direct buy’) but the individual words. The bigger the word, the more searches.

This is my cloud from the last 24 hours. Using the site, you’d normally click through to see related keywords for a particular term. That’s useless in this context, because this data is password protected. I did a find and replace, and now if you click on a term, you’ll search this site for that term:

the wedding of beautiful agony to vancouver buy in titanic direct for sex games how best and slideshow tattoos world allofmp3 names slow on tattoo my online 2006 at canada craigslist surface video with dogs two baby cfl daily like mac songs do dose ever imagery is kiss kissing movie movies salary 55 bc freedom get hot salaries tub warcraft worst apartment apartments bride cakes dog ear groom it key man penguin pictures player schedule whack your all bad gay ice intel linen maxim naked plugs star vs wars what when amd branch cake cube cup floyd

Top tip to 103Bees: Enable users to display clouds like this without going knowing HTML and going through the find and replace hassle. You’ll get instant promotion and tons and tons of linkbacks.

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