DVDs at the Door

In the past, I’ve advocated for the sale of DVDs starting the same day the movie launches in the theatre.

As you may have read, Steven Soderbergh’s Bubble was recently released simultaneously on HDNet television, in Landmark Theatres across the country and on DVD. This caused some serious foofaraw among the status quo in Hollywood (or at least the media would have us believe as much).

Mark Cuban, owner of HDNet and Landmark, responds to the critics:

When a 16 year old goes to a movie, there is absolutely nothing at all wrong with answering your cellphone, talking back to the screen and texting your heart away during a movie. The movie is just there because its better than doing the same thing sitting or walking at the mall, or hanging in your buddys smelly bedroom again, listening to his mom yell at him.

All of the above drives anyone not in that demographic crazy. So when a couple of 35 year olds go to see King Kong, not only can you pretty much bet that they aren’t going to have a great experience during the showing of the movie, but they probably didnt have a great experience before they even got their seats.

Amen to that–Cuban’s preaching to this choir.

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