Fark Contest du Jour

This Fark contest (unsafe, I suppose, for really conservative working environments) made me laugh out-loud a couple of times. The theme is ‘If the cover of computer books had Harlequin romance covers.’ Though it didn’t garner many votes, this one is definitely my favourite. The expression on the marmoset’s (?) face is priceless.

While reviewing the entries, I followed a link to this book, in the Medical Romance series from Harlequin. Medical romance? That seemed a little weird until I discovered the diversity of Harlequin offerings. I must get reading:

Of course, Swan was trained to notice such things, but the man’s legs were so long he must have had his blue jeans specially made. And who could miss the way he’d planted himself, his hips canted at an angle that emphasized their narrowness and the wide rake of his shoulders. The expression on his face was priceless, too. Bemused and quizzical, faintly suspicious. Male.

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