You Heard It Here First: Cyber-Mendicants

Some time ago I mentioned Karyn, some wanna-be-Kerry-Bradshaw New Yorker who was $20,000 in debt and wanted the public to save her impoverished butt. Well, the public stepped up and did it. After all, why not? It was an ingenious idea, and it’s success was in its simplicity: ‘I’m a nice person, give me money.’

Now, however, cyber-mendicants are popping up all over the place. In her new-found magnanimity, Karyn sponsors one every week! Isn’t this always the way? Someone comes up with a great idea. Then a bunch of people duplicate or imitate it and dilute and often sully the idea’s greatness. Reality TV, love it or hate it, was a great idea. I think we’ll all agree that it’s greatness has passed. Star Trek was a great idea. Need I say more, Scott Bakula? It beggars belief. Is that phrase from Shakespeare? I don’t think so. Anybody who knows the source, let me know.

In truth, one of the cyber-mendicants has ovarian cancer (or claims to, but I have enough faith in human nature to believe that she wouldn’t stoop to that level. It’d be the Internet equivalent of Eddie Murphy claiming to be a Vietnam War vet at the start of Trading Places).

Rejected terms: virtu-beggar, nethandler.

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