LPs on the Scanner

I haven’t been around many teenagers lately, but I suspect my use of the term “album” to refer to CDs probably dates me. Maybe not, but I imagine them all sitting around saying “dude, have you heard the new Korn CD?” But to me, they’re albums. We bought our first CD player when I was maybe ten or eleven. The first five CDs we bought were Dire Straits’ Money for Nothing and a fantastic 4-CD Eric Clapton box set. My father was a big audophile and had (and possibly still has) an enormous record collection. If he still has his record collection, I could use an algorithm this smart guy has devised that reads music from the scanned image of a vinyl record and creates WAV files. How cool is that? The quality isn’t very good so far, but in technological development, that’s generally not a big problem (see also television).

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