Help Deliver Flowers for Al and Don

[UPDATE: February 23, 11:15pm PST] If you're keen to delivery some flowers, but can't spare the cash, let us know. We may set up an account with one or more of the flower vendors at the San Francisco Flower Market, so that you can just pick them up and delivery them.

[UPDATE: February 21, 4:00pm PST] As there are no weddings over the weekend, we're ramping up for deliveries next week. We're also working on setting up accounts at a couple of the flower vendors at the San Francisco Flower Market, so that approved deliverers won't require cash. They can just pick up flowers and take them over to City Hall.

We're still looking for help with deliveries, so feel free to email me if you're interested.

If you live in San Francisco, we need your help. Basically, I need 5-10 people to go to the San Francisco Flower Market, buy US $100 in flowers and deliver them. You can email or fax me copies of the receipts, and I'll reimburse you via PayPal. To do this, you need:

  • A car
  • US $100
  • An hour to buy flowers and distribute them
  • A camera to capture the moment
  • Trust in me
  • To keep your receipts

If you're interested in doing this, PLEASE CONTACT ME FIRST. You can email me at flowers@darrenbarefoot.com. We've already got one volunteer--a lovely woman named Patti. Photos of her flowers awaiting delivery are here.

The advantages of this approach are:

  • Flowers are cheaper--no delivery charges and less mark-up
  • People get warm fuzzies from delivering flowers to strangers
  • Should the legal climate change (that is, if there's a stay in the proceedings at the courthouse), no money is lost in flower orders that need to be cancelled.

I've added an entry to my FAQ that explains my plan should the legal situation change.


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